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Way too overpriced! Seriously, the prices are exponentially high!

It's 2016, and to download all the images (which are 10) is $99.95, and to download just one single picture it's $59.95! And to get a CD with your images in it is $99.95! It's 2016, it's the technology era, why is it that a CD with pictures costs 100 bucks! Way too overpriced and way too unprofessional.

I still don't know why Universities still work with them when their prices are ridiculously high. The photographers are not professionals and the company does not care about their customers, who are STUDENTS! They take advantage of the situation, and charge a ridiculously amount for one photo.

Seriously, it's a sham! I am not purchasing anything from those scammers!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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